Robert Green Ingersoll Throw Pillow Cover


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Custom printed cotton linen throw pillow cover featuring a quote from Robert Green Ingersoll:

The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray.

dark green text on white background

Cover only – does not include pillow form
cover is approximately 16in x 16in, cotton linen blend front, cotton duck backing. Machine washable.

Robert Green Ingersoll was born in 1833. His mother died when he was very young and he attended formal school until age 15. He completed an apprenticeship for law and started his own practice. He became a Colonel during the Civil War and was appointed the first Attorney General of Illinois. He was asked to tone down his speech on women’s rights and religion and to run for Governor of Illinois but he felt that would be dishonest. He had an excellent reputation as an orator along with his law practice. He drew large crowds to his speeches, which he memorized, even if they were 3 hours long!

Reading Ingersoll you can’t help but notice how he reveres family life and the goodness inherent in humans. He eloquently points out the damage that the misogyny of religion does as well as the inequality it breeds.

Many of the copper plates used to print Ingersoll’s books were lost. However, Emmett F. Fields has carefully organized everything he could get his hands on and it is available online at