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Grief for Atheists: A Compassionate Guide with Evidence-Based Strategies to Navigate Your Loss


Finding solace after loss can be agonizing for nonbelievers, and the grief resources out there don’t resonate with you as an atheist. You need real, practical help grounded in evidence, not empty fantasies.
Maybe you lost someone you love, or you’re struggling with a major life change. If platitudes and rhetoric ring hollow, this warm, evidence-based guide is for you.
• Learn what grief is and how it affects your mind, body, and emotions.
• Discover and explore research-backed techniques to care for yourself physically and emotionally.
• Debunk myths and social norms that can make you feel worse.
• Access practical tools and resources that you can use now.
Based on science and written with compassion, Grief for Atheists is the best resource for a secular approach to grief.

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